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How to become an Instructor

Our 4IR Skills program seeks talented, experienced instructors. We aim to equip students both struggling and gifted with the 4th Industrial Revolution skills in order for them to reach their full potential. Instructors work with individual students on one-on-one and in groups, though we occasionally encourage group work and collaboration. Our team offers compassionate, motivating courses to students and Instructors are expect to do the same.
Develop learning content for students & go over their queries, assignments in the applicable courses. Ask students about specific topics or course that are giving them difficulties or that warrant further exploration. Review recent assignment and test scores, and work through problems or questions that the students did not answer correctly. Employ proven study aides to prepare for upcoming quizzes, tests & exams Take notes during tutoring sessions so you can follow up with the students later Communicate with students about trouble areas or any other issue that requires attention Develops lesson plans which meet established national curriculum models. Adapts and reassesses lesson plans to meet specific student’s needs, comply with newly implemented guidelines or rules, and to update relevant information and include new developments in education. Manages the diverse ability levels of students. Adapts curriculum to fit students’ needs while maintaining overall progress Possesses and continually develops working knowledge of national curriculum programmes and frameworks. Assesses and records students’ development, while identifying problem areas and areas which need attention and improvement.
Associate qualification required. Online tutoring experience (advantage) Computer literate CV ID copies If you have the aforesaid, please submit an application to our email address